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The Fence Company Of New Orleans believe that all property owners deserve the finest security and protection in the form of high-quality fences. We aim to provide all types of fences that you need and to carry the kind of service that you deserve. We believe that safety is imperative; whether for your homes or other properties.

As a company who values the trust and confidence that our initial customers granted us, we desire to continue upholding the same quality of products and services that we have always been generating. We recog

If you are looking for a very trusted fencing company, that provides the best quality products, using the best quality materials, then you are looking for us.
We are The Fence Company Of New Orleans, and we offer every type of fence and fence services that you need. We understand, that as property owners, you will have different needs, so we see to it that we have everything, and that we can answer to your every fence related concern. All our fences are dependable and are all made to deliver maximum protection and security for your properties.
If you already have a specific fence in mind, you can call us now for a free estimate. We repeat, it is F-R-E-E. Whether you choose us or not, as your fence company supplier, our estimates are at absolutely no cost to you. Meanwhile, if you are still making up your mind on which fence you should buy, we can help you pick out the best for your needs. We have been in the business for years now and you can definitely trust our advice. Our knowledge and our experience honed our expertise in this field.
All our products are in superb quality. We monitor closely the production to ensure that we provide nothing less than the best. We have a very strict quality control team who scrutinizes and inspects every part to make sure that it meets our required standards. We want to make sure that you get the best of what you need, most especially because these fences are intended to give you protection and security.

Our installation process is very seamless and encompassing. We can assure you that our installation team is trained to be efficient and very professional. You don’t need to worry about the installation since our manpower is composed of licensed and insured fence installers. They are all knowledgeable in doing the job.

We also offer the best prices that you can find. We cater to every budget, whether you have a fair amount or immense budget, we have something for you. Also, we have different paying methods that you can utilize depending on which is convenient for you.
Despite the wide-ranging prices, all our products are chic and tasteful. We are very meticulous with the items that we include in our line of products. Whichever you prefer, whichever you choose, whichever suits your budget, will surely give you the value for your money.
Since some property owners prefer that fences match their homes or establishments, we can customize the fences to comply with what you need. Although we have ready-made designs for you, but if you have a distinct taste, we can surely help you out with that. Our craftsmen are all talented and cooperative in working with clients.
If you are looking for complete and extensive fence installation service, we are the right match for you. We promise that if you choose us, you are making one of the best choices for your safety and protection. Call us now at 504-584-7028 for a free estimate.


Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, our estimates are absolutely free! Different from what most contractors do, we take care of the cost of your estimates. We understand how important quotes are especially for the decision making. You can definitely count on the accuracy of our estimates. Allow us a minimal margin of error since there are different factors that can possibly adjust the actual price. But rest assured that we make sure to carefully compute the numbers to give you the best estimate. To get a free quote, you can either fill out the form here in our website or give us a call at 504-584-7028.

How soon can you install my fence?

We cannot advise yet the exact time frame for your fence installation since a lot of factors come into play. The two main factors affecting the schedule are manufacturing and the type of fence. On an average, fence production takes about 5 weeks. But this time frame is not uniform across all fences since bigger fences will need more production time. But we can guarantee that once the fences are out of production, we can schedule the installation in the next one to two weeks. Our production takes quite some time because we want to make sure that all our products are in their best quality. So, it is better to place your orders early.

How long will my fence installation take?

Fence installation normally takes about a week. But the actual working days are staggered throughout the week. Most of the time, our team only for works for 2 to 3 days of the specific installation week. The reason behind the interval is to allocate curing period for the cement. However, a week may also possibly take longer. In cases of harsh weather conditions or holidays, we may need two to three weeks of installation time. But rest assured that we will always do our best to keep the installation time short. Our team is very efficient and systematic, and we value your time.

Will you obtain a fence permit for my project?

Yes, we can do that for you. Our services are all-inclusive, and we want you to rest your worries on us. We know how obtaining permits can be a hassle for property owners, so we made sure to include it in our services. For us to obtain it for you, we will need the following documents from you:

  • Signature notarization
  • Neighborhood association approval
  • Mortgage survey

  • Neighbor’s signature
As a reputable company, we see to it that we comply with the laws. To avoid construction and installation delays, it is best to provide us with the aforementioned documents as soon as possible.

What types of fencing materials do you install?

We have a lot of choices when it comes to fencing materials. You can choose among the following:

  • Wooden fences
  • Vinyl or PVC fences
  • Chain link fences
  • Backstop fences
  • Ornamental steel and aluminum fences
  • Simtek fences
  • Brick fences

Our wide variety of choices may seem overwhelming but do not worry because we can help you in picking the perfect material for your needs. These materials have different characteristics which therefore serve different purposes. So, depending on what type of fence you need, we have the best material for that. Our line is always open, so call us now at 504-584-7028 for a free estimate.

Are There Legal Restrictions on My Fence?

Different areas implement different restrictions. Since we have been serving property owners for quite some time now, we know, more or less, which areas has restrictions in terms of building of fences. Normally subdivisions carry out restrictions in terms of the design, material, and height of the fence. These guidelines are specified further in the rulebooks. Meanwhile, for some, they require acquiring a permit prior to installing a fence. In areas where the population is dense, contractors and property owners need permit before digging any holes. To ensure smooth installation, we urge property owners to comply with these local limitations.

Do I Need to Consult My Neighbors?

Although consulting your neighbors are not of great necessity, we encourage our clients to do so. Fence installation is a major project, and it may likely be bothersome for them. If you inform your neighbors, they won’t be caught off-guard since you have prepared them for what is to happen. If they have kids and pets in the house, they can do the needed adjustments. It may only be a modest gesture, but it is very likely that they will cherish this simple act of courtesy. In this way, you can maintain the harmonious relationship with your neighbor and if you’re lucky, they may chip in.

How Deep Should My Fence Posts Be?

The depth of fence posts varies based on the size of the fences that you will install. Before we can determine the needed depth, we have to first identify the height of the fence. The average height fences typically require posts to be around 3 to 4 feet deep. Meanwhile, taller fences, should have deeper posts. Also, when digging holes, it is important to leave an ample amount of space for the concrete of the fence posts. Our team can take care of the job of determining the needed depth of fence posts, as soon as they have the exact measurements for your fences.

Should the Fence Touch the Ground?

Ideally, fences should not touch the ground. The contact between the fence and the ground can have adverse effects on the fences. The moisture from the ground can cause deterioration on it. For fences with steel material, moisture can cause rust. Depending on the damage, it may need replacement. However, for fences which are primarily intended to restrict pets and rodents, fences may touch the ground. Just be sure that you are using materials which are moisture-proof to prevent any problems in the future. If you are unsure of which material will work best for your needs, call us for more information.

Does the Weather Affect the Installation?

Yes, bad weather can possibly affect the fence installation. As much as we want to make our services as smooth and quick as possible, we cannot control the weather. Extreme weather conditions, whether humid or wet, can affect the process most especially with the setting and curing of concrete. Also, it can happen that fence materials may contract or swell if the temperature is either too low or too high. Since unfavorable weather conditions can affect the installation, we may possibly postpone it to a latter date. Rest assured that we will advice you as soon as there are changes in schedule.

What Material Should I Use for My Fence

We can help you pick the best material for your fence based on what fence you need. There are a lot of materials that you can use for your fence such as vinyl, wood, steel, brick, metal, and simtek. For specific fences, you may have two to three options of which material to use. If you are looking into getting sturdy and impact resistant fences, you can go for either steel or aluminum material. Meanwhile, if you are seeking for affordable fences, vinyl and simtek materials usually come at a good cost. For visual fences, wood material can give that perfect feel.

How Tall Should My Fence Be?

The main purpose of the fence will determine the height that it needs to be. Tall fences can provide the best cover, security, protection, and privacy. If you want to keep any eyes from peaking into your backyard or any property for that matter, then this is the height that will suit you best. To provide the utmost protection, tall fences are typically 7 to 10 feet high. Meanwhile, if the fence is simply to serve as design, then property owners can opt for shorter ones. The average height for short fences is around 3 to 4 feet. For more details, call us now.

How Long Will the Fence Last?

Different factors affect the longevity of fences but typically, fences can last up to 10 years. Some factors which affect how long the fence can last includes the maintenance that property owners put on it and the type of material used. Additionally, weather can as well influence how long the fence will last. Fences made of metal and vinyl can last long with only minimal care and maintenance. While wooden fences are very appealing, these needs high maintenance. Prior to use, wood must be treated with pest control to ensure its protection. Yearly maintenance is ideal to keep in its perfect state.

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