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Temporary Fence Installation New Orleans

Temporary Fence Installation New Orleans

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It is common to see temporary fences at construction sites and during outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, parades, and sports events. Since temporary fences often move from one spot to the next, it is essential that it is made of light materials. But despite being mobile, it has to still be durable.
At The New Orleans Fence Company, we offer our clients two options: to rent or to buy. If you need a fence for a singular event and you know that you will just keep it right after, you can rent from us. In this case it is cheaper, and you won’t have to worry looking for a storage. However, if you know you will be constantly needing temporary fence over time, you might prefer to invest on one instead. But if you prefer to buy, you will have to pay for a higher cost as compared to rent.

We offer four different types of fence depending on your need
Pedestrian Barricades
This is the perfect temporary fence for events where there is huge foot traffic such as parades and festivals. Pedestrian barricades are helpful in designating walkways exclusively for pedestrians.

Anti-scale Fences
It has tall panels which can provide complete privacy. Usually the panels are 8-foot high to keep trespassers from the space. Usually, anti-scale fences are made of steel and mesh.

It is useful in forming sections in arenas or vast fields. Depending on for what purpose, panels have different materials such as gates, chain link, and wood. These panels can also accommodate barb wires for added security.

Water Barricades
This type of temporary fence is common at construction areas. It restricts the water from flowing into a specific zone.
There are lots of options for temporary fences, and we surely can assist you with whichever type you need. To learn more, call us now at 504-584-7028..

Fence contractor New Orleans
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