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If you are residing beside major highways, you may want to get your homes an extra layer of protection. It is hard to sleep at night when you’re worrying non-stop that a car, or any vehicle for that matter, might suddenly crash into your yard or worse into your house. Vehicles moving at full speed can cause more damage because of its great impact. We can give you the peace of mind that you deserve by offering you our guard rails.
We have three types of guard rails that you can avail depending on where your property is located:

Steel Guard Rails
If you are living beside a freeway or any major highway, you will need the stopping power that steel guard rails can provide. This type of fence is made of steel which is very sturdy and durable. It can withstand car impact and prevent any further damage to the property. Although, this is the most expensive of all the options.
Three-strand Cable
This is the simplest among the three options and also the most affordable. It can only provide minimum protection since it cannot stop a speeding car from crashing. But the added protection that this guard rail can provide has the ability to slow down fast-moving cars. Such power can prevent further damage to the property. If you are closer to roads which are not as busy, you can go for this type.
Wood Guard Rails
Like steel, wood guard rails can stop a moving car from wrecking your property. It has a decent stopping capacity which can protect you from any accidents that may possibly happen. Although it can provide sufficient protection, the damages that it may incur in an accident may be irreversible and therefore would need replacement every time.
If you are living beside roads, do not hesitate to get extra protection for your homes and families.

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