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As much as it is important for us, humans, to have a house of our own, dogs also need theirs. It is part of the dogs’ instinct to stay in a den. If dogs are staying outside of the premises of the house, the more that they need to have a kennel. We at The New Orleans Fence Company offers dog kennels that can safeguard your dogs from hazard such as stray animals, pests, and the weather.
We can ensure that our dog kennels are made of the best materials and therefore we can guarantee the protection of your beloved pets. Since dogs can be quite aggressive when triggered, we pledge that our products can survive biting, scratching, and any rough play that your dog may do on it.

We offer two types of dog kennels that pet owners can choose from. First is the temporary dog kennel. If you are living in a limited space where things move around constantly, we recommend this dog kennel for you. You can easily transfer it around the house because of its light materials. Meanwhile, if you need your dog kennel fixed in a specific location, you can go for the permanent dog kennel. It is firm and sturdy because it is made of chain links. Depending on which suits your needs, we can promise that both are in the best in restraining your dog. So, no need to worry if you have guests visiting.
Our materials provide an open sightline which makes it easy for pet owners to look after their dogs. You can monitor your dog even from a distance since it is see through. On average, these dog kennels are around $11,990 to $61,950, meanwhile the installation price is about $1734 to $7747. The actual price will depend on materials and size, so call us for a free estimate!

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