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Most property owners consider fences necessary in keeping them from constant worrying. With fences you can be sure that your place is safe from anyone who wants to break in. Aside from that, fences like the Cedar wood fence can provide you with privacy. There’s a specific kind of comfort knowing that you’re not being watched by anyone. Also, when your place is enclosed, there are less chances that you will get disturbed by the commotions that are happening on the other side of the wall.
A Cedar wood fence is exquisite in providing complete privacy because it leaves no space for any gaps. It is also tall to keep property owners sheltered, since shorter fences can only give less coverage. So, for anyone who thinks that privacy is of top priority, Cedar wood fences can do the job for you.

Cedar wood fences come in two variations: The Shadowboxing and the Standard Privacy Type. What sets these two types apart is how the wood boards are fixed together. For the Standard Privacy Type, the wood planks are joined together side by side in a manner that all planks face the same side. Meanwhile, for the Shadowboxing type, the wood boards are interconnected but in alternating positions. To explain further, imagine wood planks fixed together which alternately display the front and back sides. For the privacy, the Standard Privacy Type provides perfect privacy and concealment because it leaves no room for any spaces in between. The Shadowboxing type, on the other hand, may possibly leave out some very small gaps. But it only evens the playing field since the Shadowboxing type has a better design to it which can give better impression upon guests.
Cedar wood is sturdy and can last up to ten years. Call us now at 504-584-7028.for a free estimate for your property!

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