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It is very common to see back stops at baseball fields and at open basketball fields. Back stops are necessary in keeping the fields safe for everyone including the players, the avid fans, and the spectators.
If you are wondering what back stops are, it is the curve fence that is typically located at the back of the field that serves as barricade. Since balls during baseball and softball can fly really high, it is not unusual for back stops to be indeed tall to properly serve its purpose. Since balls tend to glide at great elevation, back stops are usually curved at the top to keep the ball within the limits of the fence.
To give the audience an unobstructed view, it is very common to use chain links for backstops. However, clients still have an option for another material which is a vinyl coated fabric. If you have color preference, we can customize the backstop color to your liking. Although ordinarily, back stops are in silver metal color.

We at the The New Orleans Fence Company offers many options when it comes to materials for back stops. The two most popular ones are vinyl coated fabric or netting and chain link. To give you an overview, below is a brief rundown of the advantages of each. Because choosing between these two is an important decision, we make it a commitment to help you make informed choices.

First, netting or vinyl coated fabric are generally thinner and more visually appealing. If offers better view for the audience. It provides maximum safety since it can be installed at great heights. In terms of installation, it can be configured to fit your exact dimensions.

Chain link, on the other hand, is very durable. Due to this durability, it can withstand forceful impacts without getting damaged. Moreover, its lower cost makes it a good choice for those with limited budget.

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